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Our handcrafted small batch vapors are made by those who have mastered the art of making vapes. But it wasn’t always high tech. See our story below.


Grandpappy used to make moonshine and all the folks from all across the county would come to taste his product. Distilleries used to pay the bills and provide for his family.

A working man’s semi honest trade. To go to all the trouble of making moonshine there had to be reason. There were many reasons, but they all boil down to one thing: government control of the alcohol trade.

- Boooo, Government!


American history is a tail of outlaws and independants making a life out of nothing.

The American people, who had just fought a war to get out from under oppressive British taxes (among other purposes), were not pleased. So they decided to just keep on making their own booze, ignoring the federal tax.

Well you know Uncle Sam wanted his piece of that money so they decided to start regulating the production of booze. Eventually prohibition hit and the Feds started cracking down on the independant alcohol manufacturers. Grandpappy decided that family comes first and continued production of his infamous moonshine despite pressure from local heat. As an outlaw and gentleman he decided to buck the system.

My father was a moonshiner,

my grandpappy was a moonshiner,

his grandpappy was a moonshiner.

To keep the spirit of these independent rebels alive, we’ve crafted Small Batch Vapers. We take the same care in crafting our Vape Juice as our forefathers did in getting your grandparents drunk. We take pride in our work, we started in a basement and now are able to offer to you the highest quality premium Vape Juice at homegrown prices.

Our recipes for moonshine
passed down to Pops from

And now as rebels against the system we too have made it our mission to follow in the noble footsteps of our forefathers. Small Batch Vapors was founded in the spirit of our family to nurture and foster the spirit of independence, of quality, and to put some heart and soul into the next great American Revolution. That revolution being an uprising against Big Tobacco. Every draw on our vape takes you on a journey through time.  In the spirit of hard work, independence, family and comradery, we invite you to join the revolution that is Small Batch Vapers.