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Hills upon hills upon hills of BlueBerry Hills. Have you ever had that muffin that has fewer blueberries than muffin wrappers? What a disappointment. Small Batch is all about progression and over the years, we’ve been driven by the pursuit of perfection. Well, one thing is for certain. We believe we’ve hit the mark with Small Batch BlueBerry Hills. BlueBerry Hills is like a blueberry Mount Everest bursting with purple goodness. From the moment you draw it in, that little pure purple bundle of sweetness will be with you until the end. Your taste buds will appreciate the stampede of flavor that rushes over them. Your nose will give you a wink as it takes in that rich luscious aroma that reminds it of the blueberry muffins that grandma used to make. Remember that smell of fresh melted butter being whipped with the eggs and flour. Grandma would prepare a succulent bath of flavor for the star of the show. Then as a dramatic finally, she’d drop in those fresh, ripe, plump juicy blueberries. All like a conjured spell of perfection placed before you by the sweet lady with magical baking skills. And the best thing about this BlueBerry concoction is that you can have more than one. Grandma’s not here to limit your indulgence. Why should you limit it anyway? You deserve it. You’ve worked hard for it. Allow yourself to experience the joy that is BlueBerry Hills. From start to finish, we’re certain that this one will become a staple vape in your arsenal of flavor.

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