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Nicotine Level: 3mg 6mg 12mg

VG: 70 / PG: 30

Who didn’t look forward to Saturday morning cartoons and Saturday morning breakfast cereal? The perfect way to start a perfect weekend. So many hopes and expectations of adventure. So many possibilities. The world was our playground and we intended to make our mark. But we also knew that preparation was key. Even at a very young age, we knew that a good hearty breakfast of crunchy sweet deliciousness drenched in milk was the first step to conquering what the weekend had to offer. We here at small batch understand the importance of starting out your journey on the right foot, so we’ve crafted a morning gem to help you on your way. Introducing Small Batch Bunches O’ Crunches. Because of course we need a powerful ally that will be with us on our journey from beginning to end. You’ll be transported back in time with delusions of grandeur with this sweet, savory, crunchy delight, that is, Small Batch Bunches O’ Crunches. This crisp, savory bakery blend provides you with everything you’ve grown to love about your favorite breakfast cereal…mouth lacerations not included. Wake up excited for the possibilities of the day, every day, with Small Batch Bunches O’ Crunches. Whether you’re storming the gates with a new business deal, or jumping that gorge of a crack in the street, you’ll be of good spirits and ready to slay any dragon and rescue any damsel in distress. Transport yourself back in time and experience one of the best parts of life with Small Batch Bunches O’ Crunches. The kid in you says go for it.

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