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Warm and fresh, rich and sweet, satisfying indulgence. You know what we are talking about. Cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and rich creamy icing all infused into a buttery, flakey pastry that is simply irresistible. Enough said, I’ll have one…while we are here, let’s make it two or three. Treat yourself to this confection like no other. Treat yourself to the experience of Small Batch Cinnaroll. We’ve all been there. You walk around the corner and it hits you! Like a slave to the senses, you follow the smell. You have to have it. It’s too irresistible. You dive into your prize with a fork. It’s so soft and gooey that no knife is needed. You place that first bite to your lips and let out a sigh of ecstasy. One bite after another, your senses real as you are determined to conquer this little package of perfection. As you savor the last bite, your mind is satisfied, but your body starts to ask you questions. “Why did you fill me with 3 pounds of cinnamon roll?” “Wasn’t that a little excessive?” In 3…2…1…snap back to Small Batch reality. Never again do you have to feel guilty about enjoying your favorite baked wonder. Never again do you have to limit your indulgence. Never again do you have to listen to the moaning annoyance of your body speaking because you’ve utterly filled it to capacity with butter and sugar. Enjoy Small Batch Cinnaroll guilt free anytime, anywhere, in any amount. You’ll satisfy that craving that must be satiated yet you’ll feel zero guilt or discomfort. Your body will thank you and your mind will as well. Try it today. Experience the satisfying draw that is Small Batch Cinnaroll.

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