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In the early days, there was a creek called “Cold Creek” that meandered chaotically along the county line. Truth be told, that creek was as important to Grandpappy’s legendary moonshine business as anything was. And boy was that creek cold! A few seconds in and you’d be shivering till next Tuesday. I suppose it wasn’t too hard to name it appropriately. Here at small batch, we honor every part of our heritage. Everything in our past that has shaped our present and will shape our future is important to us. Cold Creek is a special part of our history that has carved our vape business just like it carved the landscape in the early days. As a tribute to this monument of nature, we’ve created a fresh strawberry blend that will have you shivering with delight. Feel the cool blast of our Small Batch special ingredient with the sweet satisfaction of fresh strawberries. A simply delicious vape experience. From the moment it hits your taste buds to the moment you exhale, this special blend will send your senses reeling. But wait, just when you think it’s done, Small Batch has another surprise in store. Be ready to experience a cool refreshing blast at the end which pairs perfectly with that burst of fresh strawberry flavor at the beginning. Partake of Small Batch Cold Creek Strawberry today. Cool down anytime things heat up. That’s what Grandpappy always used to say. And here at Small Batch, we thing that’s pretty good advice!

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