Copper Pot Lemon Cake

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Down home, the summer months and summer heat can get pretty oppressive. Relief from the elements wasn’t always easy to find, but with a little creativity we made it work. Relief was often found in a shady retreat sipping aunt Mables fresh lemonade. Grandpappy always had a few extra copper pots lying around too. And aunt Mable always had those big lemon trees. During the summer months, aunt Mable would bring the two together to make her famous Copper Pot Lemon Cake. What a perfect summer tradition. Always light, always crisp, always delicious, always refreshing. Just like Grandpappy, aunt Mable cared more about family, friends, food and good spirits. She was always willing to bake her delicious Copper Pot Lemon Cake for anyone that needed a friendly pick me up, or anyone that she thought could benefit from a smile. In true Small Batch tradition, and to honor the spirit of aunt Mable, we’ve created a uniquely similar experience with Small Batch Copper Pot Lemon Cake. From the moment you take it in, to the moment you savor the mellow after tones, Small Batch Copper Pot Lemon Cake will transport you to those summer days with family and friends, and provide you with much needed relief from the sweltering heat. Always cool, always crisp, always refreshing. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with the soothing deliciousness of our citrus creation. Join with us in honoring a great lady and a great tradition. Enjoy the Small Batch Copper Lemon Cake vape experience today.

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