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Cripple Creek wasn’t as wide in breadth and scope as Cold Creek, but it was none the less important to our way of life. You see, all along that small creek, was thousands and thousands of bees. Those little critters were the keepers of the territory. It was hard to get in there without being stung by swarms and swarms, but if you did, boy was there treasure to be had. Some of the best honey you’ve ever tasted can be found near Cripple Creek. But that rich, hurt your teeth sweet flavor of that Cripple Creek honey was like no other, so we were always up for the adventure. Like we say here at Small Batch, if there’s no risk, there’s no reward. As a tribute to this beautiful place, we’ve concocted a delicious, flavorful blend of special tobacco that we call Small Batch Cripple Creek Honey Tobacco. Fresh honey lends this blend a unique sweetness that stands in contrast to an inherently rich tobacco blend. For those wanting a defiantly different take on your run of the mill tobacco, look no further. Small Batch Cripple Creek Honey Tobacco is the perfect companion if you’re hard at work on the farm or if you’re taking that executive afternoon break. Cripple Creek Honey Tobacco is there no matter what. Just liked those darned bees. Taste the sweetness and savor the flavor of Small Batch Cripple Creek Honey Tobacco. This might be the sweetest tobacco vape experience you ever have.

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