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Remember those summer nights sitting around the campfire? You, family and friends, talking, telling jokes, playing and listening to music. The kids chasing fire flies. Your soul is free as you embrace the coolness of the night and the warmness of the fire. It couldn’t possibly get any better than this. Or could it. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice that deep, dark, sturdy, cast iron Dutch oven. As the night progresses, sounds and smells arise from the pot and penetrate the senses. The deep satisfying smells of butter, crispy crust and sweet, fresh strawberries fill the air. The attention turns to the fire as everyone realizes the Dutch oven is ready to yield its treasure. One final step in the pursuit of this flawless treat. Fresh heavy, sweet cream is whipped into shape and dolloped generously on top. As you tear into your ample portion of summer perfection, the prize was worth the wait. Your prize is so simple, so rich, so satisfying. Small Batch Dutch Oven Strawberry Shortcake will take you back to those special times with friends and family. From draw to exhale, you will taste the buttery, sweet, flakey, strawberry, creamy goodness that has been combined for a perfect infusion of flavor. Heads will turn as vapors fill the air and you’re no longer the only one that is transported back to that joyful simple time. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Savor the experience that is Dutch Oven Strawberry Shortcake. Relive those summer nights.

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