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Nicotine Level: 3mg 6mg 12mg

Nothing says summer like the fun filled festivals of the Florida Keys. And nothing says refreshment like the legendary Keylime Pie. Imagine a journey along the tear drops of the Florida Peninsula. Imagine crystal clear blue ocean water with abundant life. Imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you journey down the road of possibilities. All of a sudden something catches your eye. You’ve been driving for a while and your body feels fatigued. Off in the distance you spot an oasis. A retreat from the Sun meets your gaze. You pull over for a closer look. As you approach, your expectations begin to soar. Imagine yourself there finding that cool, calm, respite underneath the shade of your personal palm tree. Now imagine you place Small Batch Keylime Pie to your lips, draw it in and suddenly your overcome with a cool, crisp, citrus burst of refreshment that can only be found in this moment, right here, right now. You soak up the experience. Anything less would be a disservice to this perfect day. You bask in the shade of this tropical paradise. A rush of pure bliss and freedom overcome you. Embrace the present. There’s no other place you’d rather be than right here right now, under the safety of that palm tree, enjoying the simple pleasure of Small Batch Keylime Pie. The simple joy of a perfect day capped by the satisfaction of the perfect vape. Ahhhhhhhh. Soak up pure relaxation. Soak up Small Batch Keylime Pie today. A truly extraordinary vape experience.

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