Kiwiberry Cocktail

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Here at Small Batch, we are constantly looking for new flavors and innovations. Our vape juice masters are always searching for that perfect recipe. With Kiwiberry Cocktail, we think we are on to something. Straight from the mysterious, wondrous, volcanic island nation of New Zealand, get ready for a kiwi eruption of flavor. Allow your senses to embrace all that the island has to offer. Vacation in paradise, even if only for a short time. Allow yourself to partake. There are many fruit filled experiences that one might enjoy. There are many choices at our disposal every day. But what fruit experience is unique and satisfying than biting into a fresh ripe kiwi right off the vine? Truthfully there aren’t many. But alas, through years and years of research and development, we’ve nailed it. Introducing Small Batch Kiwiberry Cocktail. A perfect infusion of juicy, ripened, cool, kiwi with that hint of tang. Sweet and smooth on inhale, tingling satisfaction on exhale. Kiwiberry Cocktail is simply and perfectly balanced. Not too sweet, not too sour, not too hard, not too soft. It’s exactly how a ripe and ready kiwi should be. If you are looking for a subtly satisfying blend with a mellow vibe, Small Batch Kiwiberry Cocktail is your next vape experience. Feel energized yet calm. Feel your mind become clear as your body absorbs that rush of citrus. Pleasantly relaxing, poignantly refreshing. Experience the subtle power of Small Batch Kiwiberry Cocktail every day. Your body and mind will keep thanking you.

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