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Summer, summer summertime. Summer is here and so much fun is near. Just the thought of it is enough to put a smile on the face of the crabbiest geezer and a pep in the step of the slowest snail. Get ready for those blissful months of fun and sun. Sink into the life of beach and bliss. True that summer is great on its own, but isn’t summer always more fun with an adventurous companion? Here at Small Batch, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into summers perfect companion. Introducing Small Batch Mellon Highball. Get ready for the first of many summer adventures. This fruit medley is comprised of hand-picked melon, blended with the utmost care. With crisp cantaloupe, sumptuous honeydew, and sweet watermelon, this ball of nirvana is guaranteed not to disappoint. Cool and refreshing chilled melon will have your body feeling fresh and energized during the heat of the day or any time of day. Inhale that sweet soothing melon blend with just a hint of tang. Taste that melon flavor and exhale away all your cares. Spend a little time getting centered. Spend a little time becoming balanced. This perfectly balanced vape experience will help you achieve these things and more. Perfect at the park. Perfect at the pool. Jump into this one with two feet. Allow your summer to begin with your perfect summer companion. Start the summer with Small Batch Mellon Highball. Small Batch Mellon Highball will take your summer to the next level.

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