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Nicotine Level: 3mg 6mg 12mg

Over the generations, Grandpappy perfected his moonshine and was always willing to share it with anyone. Even though it was his craft and his trade, Grandpappy always cared more about the people, the stories, the happiness that his moonshine would bring. Through his life and legacy, he taught us that family, friends, hard work, quality, and a relentless desire to make people smile was a good way to live. Here at Small Batch, we passionately agree. As a tribute to his life and legacy, we have perfected a symphony of flavor with a tenacious blend we simply call, “Riot Punch”. From start to finish, this modern cocktail riff is a rip roaring ride dedicated to the party animal inside you. A masterpiece. It takes a long time to craft Riot Punch, but here at Small Batch, we want you to have that special experience. And for the experience, the wait is a small price to pay. Tap into the senses, absorb the complex array of flavor this blend has to offer. Bold flavors of tropical fruits, hints of booze, and a real shot in the mouth. Journey down the path that Grandpappy envisioned so many years ago reenvisioned for your modern vape enjoyment. We sure hope Grandpappy would be proud. Because he loves getting people caught in the middle of a good time. We look forward to sharing with you, our pride and joy is the smile on your face. Our trademark blend is our gift to you. Riot Punch, draw it in, and join the revolution.

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