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It’s a hot and humid summer day. Sweat starts to bead, throat starts to become a little dry. Energy levels are low, and we all need that refreshing boost. We all need that cool, energizing respite from the blazing heat. We take in that satisfying cool drink and find some pleasure. That satisfaction that can only be found as we find a hint of relief from that oppressive summer day. We feel good, but we need something more. What is it? Something cool, something refreshing, something crisp and satisfying. What better way to satisfy that craving than with Small Batch Raspberry Hard Limeaid. Tart, semi-sweet raspberries get carried in on a wave of crisp lime freshness. This one of a kind flavor is sure to quench any thirst and scores a perfect 10. From the cool raspberry filled inhale with that limey freshness to the even cooler exhale, Small Batch Raspberry Hard Limeaid will have you ready to challenge the Sun because you know, you have the perfect solution. Summer seems so much more enjoyable, now that you have your berry lime companion. But wait there’s more! In the spirit of true Small Batch culture, we’ve added a bit of a kick. Just when you think your vape experience couldn’t get any better, Bam! You find a little something extra with this superstar. But don’t take our word for it, try for yourself today. We are quite confident that Small Batch Raspberry Hard Limeaid will quickly become one of your summer staples.

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