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Nicotine Level: 3mg 6mg 12mg

Is that a smooth and rich rum with a hint of sweet? Is that deep, thick, creamy, butter adding to a perfectly balanced concoction of splendor? This one reminds us of that sweet, sticky delicious treat that Granny used to make. Remember the excitement and anticipation right when she put her masterpiece into the oven. Delightful smells begin to permeate the air. Time seems to stand still because you know it can’t move fast enough. The buzzer rings and your heart skips a beat. The aroma is at its climax as she pulls that fresh pastry out of the oven and lathers it with her famous rum butter sauce. The result is a sweet, gooey confection unparalleled anywhere on Earth. She cuts you a slice with all the love she can muster. To top it off, she places that fresh cream on top. As you place that first bite on your tongue, you are in sweet, savory heaven as a symphony of flavors hit your pallet. Small Batch Rum Butter will have you remembering those good old days. No matter where you are, what the day has brought you, you can always be transported back in time, to that simple time. Embrace the simple, delicious, savory, sweet that is Small Batch Rum Butter. We’re sure this one will quickly become one of your favorites. Care to venture back in time into that realm of perfection? Start your journey. Order Small Batch Rum Butter today and take a taste of the past as you enter the future.

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