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Small Batch Chai Latte is an evolution of flavor centuries in the making. From the early days of British rule, this simple tea has yearned for freedom. For too long has it been held down by the hand of the crown. Don’t get us wrong, the original was pretty good but at Small Batch, “good” is the same as average, and average in unacceptable. Perfection is the only destination worth traveling to. In full Small Batch spirit, we’ve helped this simple tea revolt against the establishment. Finally, chai tea is free to be who it has always wanted to be. Get ready for a unique flavor explosion. Welcome to the world of Small Batch Chai Latte. A whirlwind of spices culminates in this familiar yet different beverage blend, treating your palate to a creamy, sweet refreshment with a bold exhale of cinnamon and cardamom. From start to finish, your senses are never free to rest. Maybe it’s chai’s way of bringing the world back into balance. Maybe we should know how it feels as we become slaves to its flavors. You’ll soon be telling your friends about one of the best vape experiences you can have. Small Batch Chai Latte is bold, yet savory and always cinnamon sweet. Indulge and enjoy this new age evolution of the suppressed original. Never again will it be held down. Join small batch in allowing chai to have its day. Take part in this revolution of flavor as you experience Small Batch Chai Latte.

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