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We’re all aware of how legendary Cuban tobacco is. No tobacco is smoother, more fragrant and pleasing to the senses. It’s all about quality and experience, and we’ve brought you both with Small Batch Y4 Cuban Tobacco. This crisp tobacco blend rests atop a bed of light, creamy caramel, complemented by a faint hint of bold vanilla. For those of us who’ve been fortunate enough to taste those well aged Cubans, you know that after that experience, you can never be the same. We’ve done our best to duplicate that experience but in a uniquely Small Batch Vapors way. Breathe in those subtle, aromatic, floral tones with that smooth vanilla flavor. Savor the flavor as it permeates the jowls. No strong after taste here. Just subtle whispers of the remnant of an epic vape experience. The kind of experience that could only come from Small Batch Vapors. From Cuba to Cold Creek, we’ve been fortunate to be involved with the best vapejuice masters in the world. The work they put in is truly impressive. Night and day they work away to deliver superior value and experiences to our customers. Small Batch Y4 Cuban Tobacco is one such vape experience. Just like that first authentic Cuban cigar, once you’ve had a Small Batch Y4 Cuban Tobacco experience, you will never be the same. Draw in that special blend that is unlike any other. Transport yourself an ocean away for this savory, bold vape experience. Experience Small Batch Y4 Cuban Tobacco today.

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